Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aklan Prov. Govn't reinforce preparations for the MS Celebrity Century’s Arrival in Boracay

Posted February 3, 2015
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

Jetty Port Administrator Niven Maquirang said that the Provincial Government of Aklan has started meeting weekly and is prepared for the arrival of MS Celebrity Century in Boracay on Tuesday.

He also added that, "its committee’s will also accompany the passengers to guide them when they exit the cruise ship."

According to a report, they have also excursions planned through LGUs to take the passengers to the tourist spots and souvenir shops in the island on the said date, as well as to the different island hopping activities.

The committee has planned surprises for the passengers as they arrive at their destinations in Cagban port where Aklan Ati-Atihan Tribe will be having a beautiful presentations.

Apart from it, Maquirang assures that transportation vehicles going to Station 2 Boracay are also organized by putting a flag of MS Century in the vehicle so it is easy for the passengers to determine their medium of transportations wherein they could take the tour.

In this regard, boats for island hopping activity will be having a same flag as well.

MS Celebrity Century will dock in the island Tuesday morning with more than 1, 835 passengers on board including 875 crew.

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