Thursday, February 19, 2015

BFP intensifies inspections among fireworks in Boracay

Posted February 19, 2015
Written by Gloria Villas

Bureau of Fire Protection Unit (BFPU) Boracay will conduct the fireworks inspections today associated with the celebration of the Chinese New Year in the island of Boracay.

BFP Boracay Chief Fire Inspector Stephen Jardeleza said: “the conduct of inspection is in accordance with the Fire Code which requires a clearance from the BFP to have a fireworks display.”

“The law also requires them to have fire extinguishers and other methods of fire suppression near their establishments.” He added.

Meanwhile, Jardeleza emphasize that this is also to ensure safety use.

In this regard, Jardeleza also allegedly said that there were some establishments who make fireworks display last night without having a fixed clearance from their office, the reason why they could probably summon it now.

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