Friday, February 27, 2015

CECAM Team encourages young people to sue in environmental oversight

Posted February 27, 2015
Written by Gloria Villas

With the main goal of establishing more integrated approaches to achieving the CECAM project prospective.

Professor Kazuo Nadaoka, Chief Technical Adviser of the Coastal Ecosystem Conservation and Adaptive Management (CECAM) Project in Boracay during the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) meeting said: “the young people have a great contribution in order to preserve Boracay.”

He said that PCCI and LGU’s project should be implemented together with the young people because they were the one who will give a new hope to the island.

He explains that the idea of the young people is very important to know and hear because it is one of the major key to give solutions in every problem that the Boracay is now facing.

Meanwhile, Professor Miguel Fortes, Project Manager of CECAM also agree in this statement.

Fortes added that people in Boracay should not be blind as well and be proactive to look at the reality.

On the other hand, various sectors of society attended such meeting as well, which was also attended by Aklan Governor Florencio Miraflores which aims to discuss the different problems in Boracay and undertake appropriate action.

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