Friday, June 8, 2012

No K9 for Tabon Port

The Caticlan Coast Guard is now considering placing a K9 at Tabon Port, after motorboat routes in Boracay has been changed due to the 'habagat' season or the southwest monsoon.

According to Chief PT Officer, Ronnie Hiponia of Caticlan Coastguard, they haven’t got a K9 on standby at the Tabon port as of now.

There are only two of the said k9's which are being used at the Caticlan Jetty Port, particularly at the RORO area.

However, Hiponia said that they also send these k9's at Tabon Port in order to assist in baggage checking, as well as in the Cargo port.

Nevertheless, for security reasons, they are still sending Coast Guard's Special Operation Group to watch over the port every day.

Unlike the Caticlan Jetty port, Tabon Port is being used only if the regular route of motorboats is altered due to undesirable weathers, the reason it has no x-ray machine and metal detector to inspect the luggage of tourists bound for Boracay.

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