Thursday, June 7, 2012

Police for remote areas in Boracay, requested

Heinous crimes have often happened in remote areas in Boracay particularly in the backside of the island.

The reason Vice Mayor Ceceron Cawaling is now requesting P/Insp Al Loraine Bigay, the new chief of Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC), to give attention and to also assign police officers in crime prone zones and those which are away from the populace.

With the likes of Sitio Lapuz-lapuz, areas in Yapak, and some other places in the island in order to avoid the recurrence of killings or any other crimes that took place in these areas.

Cawaling explained, based on what he observed, the authorities are focusing more in the front side of the island, especially the front beach, market places, and the main road. The places however, wherein chances of transgressions are higher and where the presences of police are needed was left unattended.

The Vice Mayor also mentioned about the need for streetlights in these places.

These requests and concerns by Cawaling were voiced out during the formal introduction or courtesy call of P/Insp Bigay, the new chief of BTAC, in the council’s session last Tuesday

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