Friday, October 26, 2012

Complaints against “commissioners” at the front beach: “harassing” again?

The Chief of Malay Auxillary Police or MAP in Boracay had promised to take action on the complaints regarding the “commissioners’”  somewhat “harassing” and “ambushing” way of dealing with tourists at the front beach this morning.

This followed after a complaint from a certain Jonathan Escubar, an employee on the island and had claimed - along with his relatives who were in the island for a vacation - to be a victim of these commissioners.

Escubar expressed the annoyance they felt earlier this morning explaining how their way was blocked while they were offered with sea sports activities.

Aside from this, one of his relatives who was sun-bathing was woken up by a commissioner just to offer activities of some sorts.

In line with this, MAP Island Chief, Rommel Salsona will motion his personnel to take action as a response to the complaint.

The Chief said that these commissioners should be at the vegetation area only, and were not supposed to be in the way of the tourists.

Recently he added, these agents are only allowed at stations 1 and 3, as they were prohibited to transact any activities at station 2.

Meanwhile this practice has been a usual complaint from resort owners and tourists that these commissioners appear to be of a bother to some tourists who were on the island to relax.

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