Monday, October 22, 2012

PDEA: “Rugby” and solvents, should not be easily bought

Nowadays, products like “rugby” and other solvents would not be simply purchased.

According to Gen Pedrito Magsino of the Drug Enforcement Agency Regional Office- National Capital Region (PDEA RO-NCR, the mentioned products are included in the lists of chemicals that they are restricting, since these are some of the cheapest and most abused substance, which can also cause addiction to those who are using it frequently.

Magsino said, under the National Law, the labels of “rugby” and other like chemicals must maintain that it contains mustard oil of not less than 5%.

Mustard oil is the substance which gives such product an undesirable odor to repel the urge of inhaling its smell.

If this 5% mustard oil content does not appear on the label, the product would be considered as an illegal substance.

Any individual who wishes to purchase the said product would also require a permit from the Baranggay.

Moreover, “rugby” is now prohibited to be sold to minors. 

Magsino also warned that those who will be caught breaching the ordinance will have their Business Permits revoked.

This move is associated to PDEA and Boracay Foundation Incorporated’s campaign against illegal drugs and or substances, and to maintain a drug free Boracay.

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