Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Holy Week, won’t cause price increase on fish and vegetables in Boracay

There won’t be any increase on the prices of fish and vegetables on the coming Holy Week.

This is despite talks of impending price boost, as the days of penance for Roman Catholics starts off on Ash Wednesday.

During these days eating meat is prohibited.

However according to the major fish and vegetables markets on the island, like the past year, they are not expecting any cost increase due to the celebration.

And added that, if there will be any increase, they said, this won’t be caused by the Holy Week but of the unstable weather which greatly affects fishing.

Even vegetables sellers believe of the same, saying that the prices of their products depend only on the prices of the suppliers.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that meat is prohibited among the Catholics on this occasion, it was learned that pork and beef can still be widely purchased from the markets.

This is because even on a Good Friday there are those who still are buying it.

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