Monday, February 11, 2013


Ten (10) Paraws from Boracay will join the Paraw Regatta at Iloilo.

The Paraws will be sent by the Malay and Department of Tourism (DoT) Boracay to the event to be held on the 17th of February.

According to the DOT Officer Tim Ticar, the group which will represent Boracay and Malay will be heading to Iloilo on the 12th of February.

In its plan to make the event in Iloilo international, according to Ticar the DoT will bring along foreign tourists from Boracay to ride the Paraws and enjoy the event.

Because of this, Ticar called for foreign tourists who are interested to ride the Paraws while the competition is being held, and that those interested should contact him as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Malay Mayor John Yap had promised to give assistance on the expenses of the team including transportation and food expenses.

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