Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boracay’s Population, ballooned said NSO

Boracay Island has the biggest contribution in the sudden inflation of the population in Aklan.

This is what National Statistics Office or NSO-Aklan Officer Blas Solidum has revealed during an interview yesterday.

He said they are only conducting the survey once every decade; the last survey was in 2000.

Even so, based on their monitoring, it is obvious that the island’s population has ballooned immensely.

This is also brought about by the progress in the tourism industry.

Solidum believes that wherever jobs and or livelihoods are, there the people will be.

In line with this, a number of employees in Boracay, such as construction workers and laborers opts to reside on the island rather than to go home every week.

The NSO Officer clarified, that like the tourists in Boracay, if these workers stay in the island for over a month, they will be automatically included in the NSO.

This is reason why the population in Boracay has inflated.


Alex Jaleco said...

so ano yung estimate number of population? I hope you reply asap. Need it for my thesis

EasyRock Boracay said...

Hi Alex! Thanks for visiting our blogspot. Good luck on your thesis.
Re: Boracay’s Population, ballooned said NSO
“2010 Census of Population and Housing” Balabag: 11,076. Manoc-Manoc: 12,526. Yapak: 4,767, Pages 7&8

sharon tunay said...

I would like to ask about Boracay population year 2015.
Hope you can help me with this coz i need it tomorrow for my exam.

Thanks a lot.