Monday, February 4, 2013


More than P4.7Million was the proceeds of the Kalibo Ati-atihan 2013.
According to the Financial Report of Kalibo Sto Niño Ati-atihan Foundation Inc. (KASAFI), the organizer of the event,  the total earning of the organizer was P4.745Million, almost forty-nine percent (49 percent) higher compared to the previous year’s P3.194Million earning.
The Financial Report was released on the 29th of January this year.
Despite earning more this year, the expenditure for the celebration was about 7.8 percent lower compared to last year.
This year’s expenditure was at P3.9Million, while last year’s expense was at P4.2Million.
Allegedly, the higher earning was realized despite increase on prizes for winners and subsidy for participating tribes.
KASAFI reported to have given away P679, 000 for prizes, and P743, 000 for tribes’ subsidy.
The Financial Report was released nine (9) days after the Ati-atihan celebration.
The release was more than five (5) months earlier compared to the agreed upon release with the Local Government Unit of Kalibo which was set at six (6) months after the celebration.
The organizer’s Chairman, Albert Meñez had earlier promised to release KASAFI’s Financial Report on Kalibo’s Ati-atihan six (6) days after the event.
This is so far the earliest release of Finanacial Report compared to the previous years. 

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