Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LGUS’s “No party on Good Friday,” not a loss on tourism, said DOT

What the Local Government of Malay did was just right.

This is what Department of Tourism OIC Tim Ticar has said regarding the LGU’s move to refrain from granting permits for any parties or noisy activities in Boracay on Good Friday.

Although tourists came to Boracay to party, Ticar believes that many of them are Catholics and are not partying during the mentioned day.

It is just right, he added, to give even just a day for reflection.

Moreover, this move by the LGU will further promote the island as a part of a Christian Country in Asia, by showing that Boracay is not solely for “all time” party.

This is why the DOT does not believe that a no party on a Good Friday will be a loss for the tourism industry.

 In line with this, Ticar assures that the tourists and vacationers will still enjoy because of the island’s beautiful scenery and white sands.

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