Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life jackets on Motorboats in Boracay, to be replaced

The life jackets used by passenger boats in Boracay will be replaced.

This is what Coastguard-Caticlan Chief, Lieutenant Senior Grade Jimmy Oliver Vingno has confirmed during an interview on Saturday.

The coastguard has already required the operators and crews to replace the life vests with new ones which are more pleasant.

He said that almost 70% have already done so in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, Vingno noted that it is the Maritime Industry Authority or MARINA that regulates and provides the accreditation with regards to appropriate life jackets to be used.

Therefore it is the MARINA who can tell what would be the proper color and type of these life vests.
Vingno also confirmed that this move is still a part of the preparation for the Holy Week.

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