Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boracay Holiday, to kick off on May 1st

Everybody is expected to join and witness a history-in-the-making event on the number one tourists’ destination that is Boracay.

Children, adults, Boracay locals, foreigners, volunteers and even tourists are sure to work together as the Boracay Holiday kicks off on May 1.

This is what Boracay Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño has confirmed during an interview yesterday.

For the event, the LGU Malay, Business sectors, DepEd, and Baranggays are going to join in the island clean-up, within the 18-day activity.

Each participating sector will have its own clean-up schedules.

The event aims to promote oneness in maintaining Boracay’s title as number one, and to preserve it for the future generations.

Despite the name “Boracay Holiday”, those from mainland Malay will also take part in the occasion.

Sacapaño also confirmed that the “Boracay Holiday” is a part of the Boracay Beach Management Program or BBMP which is known for its slogans “Sali ako diyan” and “Sa Boracay Ako, For Boracay I will.”

Aside from the mentioned activity, the date was already declared by the Municipal Council as a holiday for the island.

The Administrator is hoping that this will be approved by the congress.

Meanwhile Sacapano is extending his invitation for everybody to take part and be one on May 1st, 2013.

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