Thursday, April 25, 2013

COMELEC Aklan believes in the young voters drive to political change

"The youth is the hope of the Fatherland."

Kalibo Acting Comelec Officer Mr. Getulio M. Esto quoted Jose Rizal when asked regarding the impact of young voters to the political system.

Although they don’t have the exact percentage of new registered voters that belongs to the youth sector, since all the registrants are included in one listing per municipality, Esto said that ages 18 to 25 is considered to be a vast age group of voters.

He explained that most of these young voters have a fresh view on the electoral process and is not influenced by the traditional approach which sometimes can be unpleasant, thereby are more positive in the idea of reform.

The Commission, he said encourages these youth to fully practice their constitutional rights granted by Article 5 of the Philippine constitution which is the Right to Suffrage. They encourage them to register and let their voices be heard.

Esto said that the active participation of the young generation can be seen and felt as many have been present during the registration period.

He also believes that they have a drive that shows they are ready for the change that the Philippine political system has long been seeking.

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