Monday, July 29, 2013

BTAC, to construct a simulation disaster plan, in case of a closing activity for the National Disaster Awareness Month

Written by: Mackie Pajarillo

The community’s cooperation for a secure island

This is what the Boracay Action Group or BAG has asked during the previously celebrated National Disaster Consciousness Month (NDCM).

And while the month of July is coming to a close, the Boracay PNP is preparing for a simulation disaster plan in case the BAG will have a closing activity for the NDCM celebration.

BTAC Chief for Intelligence and Operation Section, P/Insp. Keenan Ruiz, however said that they haven’t coordinated yet as to what activities will be conducted in relation to the mentioned closing.

Nonetheless, he said that they could perform an Earthquake Drill and Fire Drill alongside different agencies such as that of the Boracay Action group.

Meanwhile, Ruiz extended his gratitude to the community who took part for the said successful public awareness.

The National Disaster Awareness Month will conclude this coming Wednesday.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

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