Friday, October 4, 2013

Boracay Ati Community again denounced for the death of Dexter Condez

Written by Bert Dalida

Boracay Ati Community was dismayed, regarding the wreck less death of Dexter Condez.

7 months have passed, but the justice that they allegedly hoping for, was already cast out.

It is determined through the Ati Community Facebook that the warrant of arrest for the suspect in the person of Daniel Celestino was turned down early Wednesday.

In fact, the said community believes that Celestino is hiding, for the reason that they are now proclaiming justice, for the rapid arrest of the suspect.

It will be remembered that the incident of killing happened early February 22, while Condez is walking on his way to the Village at Sitio Lugutan, Manoc-manoc.

The said victim was said to be the spokesman of the resident of BATO or Boracay Ati Tribal Organization, who have fought for the ancestral domain of the Aetas in Boracay.

Translated by Carla N. Suñer

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