Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First day of gun ban in Boracay, detailed by P/Isnp. Gentallan

Written by Mackie Pajarillo

The first day of implementation of the gun ban has an individual arrested in Cebu by violating it.

In Boracay however, no cases has been recorded, as it was peacefully executed.

This is according to Boracay PNP Deputy Chief Police Inspector Fidel Gentallan, following the first day of the gun ban implementation.

This is in relation to the upcoming Baranggay and SK Elections which will be held on October 28th.

The Boracay PNP had placed the checkpoints at 1am to correspond the day it should be carried out.

Gentallan added they did not put the said checkpoints during day time, as it could impede the traffic flow.

Implementing it during the night time or late hours also has a dual purpose.

This means the checkpoint isn’t only for the gun ban but for the heightened monitoring against ill-intentioned individuals.

Meanwhile, the Boracay PNP Officer calls upon the public to cooperate and work with police force to maintain peace and order in Boracay.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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