Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Boracay PNP’s Bike Patrollers, on a shifting schedule

Written by Bert Dalida

The Boracay PNP’s Bike Patrollers will be on a shifting tour of duty.

This is what Boracay PNP Deputy Chief Police Inspector Fidel Gentallan has said in relation to the augmentation of the force and police visibility this holiday season.

The influx of more and more tourists is expected, and so they need to beef up the security against any form of crimes.

In line with this, Gentallan said, the officers on patrol, including police on bikes, will be on a shifting schedule.

Officers will be deployed and will be visible in different areas in the island.

A number of BTAC members have undergone a bicycle training last June at Camp Delgado in Iloilo.

The said training included the proper use of bikes while responding to crimes, using a gun while on the wheels and many others.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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