Friday, December 20, 2013

Public in boracay alerted related to alleged “portugese man-of-war”

Written by Bert Dalida

The public in Boracay had been alerted by the Malay Agriculture’s Office (MAO) regarding an alleged “Portugese Man-of-War”.

This is in connection to the alleged report received by the MAO that a tourist had fell victim to a “Portugese Man-of-War” or Physalia physalis recently at the sea of Malay.

According to the MAO, the victim who was stung by the “Portugese Man-of-War” sent a picture to their office, and their office right away conducted an investigation.

A Physalia physalis is siphonophore or marine creature that floats and has venomous tentacles and most of the time mistaken to be a jelly fish.

Translated/Edited by Rodel J. Abalus

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