Friday, December 13, 2013

Live Bands and parties at Boracay’s long beach, to be sorted out

Written by Bert Dalida

Last Tuesday a number of residents in Baranggay Balabag thought that there will be a concert.

This is as the Malay Auxiliary Police placed their confiscated live band equipments on the stage at the plaza Monday night.

This followed after the LGU Malay implemented the Municipal Ordinance No. 183 Series of 2003 at Municipal Ordinance No. 132 Series of 2000.

The said ordinances stated that tables and chairs are only allowed to be placed on the beach front from 5pm to 6am.

Aside from tables and chairs, putting up fixtures, equipments and furniture is prohibited.

In line with this, Boracay Island Chief Operation Officer Glenn Sacapaño confirmed that there were 4 establishments that have violated the mentioned ordinances from December 1st, which included the confiscated equipments.

Sacapaño explained to the violators the importance of the said laws and said that live bands and parties at the island’s long beach will all be sorted out on 2014.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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