Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Broken post near the Bureau of Immigration, to be ordered inspected by “Kap Lilibeth” Sacapaño

Posted May 28, 2014
Written by Bert Dalida

The broken concrete post near the office of the Bureau of Immigration at the Main road of Balabag Boracay is to be ordered inspected by “Kap Lilibeth” Sacapaño.

According to Sacapaño, it is the responsibility of the utility provider who owns the concrete post to have it repaired especially the safety of people who pass by the area is at stake.

The public is worried that the concrete post could fall and cause accident since its base is already broken.
It can also be noticed that only wires are supporting the broken concrete post which is leaning towards the Main road of Boracay Island.

Yes FM had earlier verified the matter with the Aklan Electric Cooperative (AKELCO) whether they own the broken post, however they denied ownership of the post.

Translated/Edited by Rodel J. Abalus

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