Thursday, May 29, 2014

Installation of CCTV Cameras, proposed by Aklan Representative Haresco at Congress

Posted May 28, 2014
Written by Jay-ar Arante

Aklan Representative Teodoro Haresco Jr. is proposing the mandatory installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras on major roads in the country.

On his House Bill (HB) 4335, this will be known as “CCTV Act of 2014,” which will monitor road accidents.
According to Haresco, with the use of CCTVs, road accidents will be better investigated, and the traffic will be effectively monitored.

The Aklan Representative added that video/tape recordings will serve as evidence in such accidents or in cases involving traffic violations.

Under the “CCTV Act of 2014” the Departments of Interior and Local Government, Transportation and Communications, Public Works and Highways and the Philippine National Police will work alongside the local government units in the implementation of its rules and regulations.

Haresco’s House Bill 4335 is at the moment pending at the congress ‘committee on transportation.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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