Wednesday, July 9, 2014

LGU Malay, seeks technical assistance to the TIEZA associated with flooding in Boracay

Posted July 9, 2014
Written by Bert Dalida

Local Government Unit (LGU) Malay now seeks technical assistance from the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) associated with flooding in Boracay.

According to TIEZA Engineer Giovanni Rullan, Mayor John Yap together with the Boracay Redevelopment Task Force (BRTF) talked to them yesterday which they also confirmed that the pumping station or the flood control project is on its way to wrap up.

Rullan said, “Probably this coming Saturday or Sunday, Boracay will acquire such pump and have its testing next week.”

Meanwhile, Rullan allegedly added that based on his personal observations Boracay in fact experienced heavy rains lately and so flooded the main road of Boracay.

However, “there hasn’t been an inconsiderate flood if some emergency out flow in Lugutan, Manoc-manoc and Station 2 beach front was not close” He said.

Moreover, Rullan said that they are still waiting for instructions from TIEZA on how they will assist the LGU’s.

Translated by Gloria Villas

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