Friday, January 16, 2015

Official uniform for security guards in Boracay still in floating status

Posted January 17, 2015
Written by Bert Dalida

The Official uniform for security guards in Boracay is still in floating status.

This is why different security agencies in the island constantly wear their own type of unofficial uniform.

Based on the information, another meeting is set for the security agencies and the Security Agencies and Guards Unit (SAGU) before its full implementation.

It will be recalled that last year, SAGU Chief-PSupt. Condrado Carganillo called for a meeting with the security agencies to settle some issues regarding the uniform.

Carganillo gave those agencies three months to implement the official uniform.

Based on their agreement, security guards will be wearing a black bull cap, gray t-shirt, black short pants and rubber shoes, gold color name cloth with their agencies name.

Meanwhile, because of the official uniform is yet to be implemented, security guards in the island can be mistakenly identified as a Boracay Police or a lawyer, making some island tourist wonder.

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