Monday, March 30, 2015

Big changes in Caticlan Jetty Port now on plan

Posted March 30, 2015
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The big changes in Caticlan Jetty Port are now on the plan of the Provincial Government and the Jetty Port Administration.

Jetty Port Administrator Niven Maquirang said that they are planning to provide a docking area for boats in the 2.6 hectares reclamation projects in Caticlan, where the Ferry Boats and Fast Crafts will be transferred.

It will become organized for all of the sea transportation like Roro-Vessels that currently dock in the existing port.

Meanwhile in the reclamation area, Maquirang revealed that there will be a three-story building with a shopping mall, hotel, centralized ticketing for pump boat, holding area for the resort, and a parking area in the ground floor.

Existing ramps in Caticlan Jetty Port will also be extended for cruise ships visited the island of Boracay.

Maquirang added that the Provincial Government of Aklan has sufficient funds for the project, though it will take ‘billion pesos’ amount.

The project to Caticlan Jetty Port which is the main entrance for the people going to the famous island of Boracay is expected to be finished in five years time.

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