Monday, May 14, 2012

Community Clean-up and Close Coordination: Solution to Dengue

It is still the community which plays the main role in the prevention of Dengue - a deadly disease - especially this coming rainy season.

According to the Municipal Health Officer of Malay, Dr. Adrian Salaver, it’s not just a single household that is supposed to be cleaned, because the mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) which is the vector of this disease transfers in one area to another.

He added that the whole community's cooperation is still very important to prevent it from spreading.

Salaver also asks for the people to report to, or inform the Municipal Health office about any area that could be a potential breeding place for this insects in order for them to apply chemicals for its control.

This is why its best, he said, for the public to have a close coordination with the MHO, because this disease needs the entire year for the community to be prepared for, in the form of clean-ups.

This interview with Salaver followed after a case of dengue was recorded in the past weeks in the island as well as in other parts of Aklan.

Meanwhile, the month of June is said to be the time where dengue is very rampant.

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