Friday, May 18, 2012

Search and Rescue Ongoing for One Who Fell and Two Who Jumped After to Save

A search and recovery operation is ongoing as of press time for a kid who fell into the sea from a Roll-on/roll off (RORO) ship and two people who jumped into the sea from the same ship to save the kid Tuesday night.

According to the information from Lt. Cmdr. Terence Alsosa of the Philippine Coast Guard Caticlan, the Starlite ship was sailing from Roxas Oriental Mindoro going to Caticlan Tuesday night. After thirty minutes of sailing, someone noticed a female carrying an almost three year old kid trying to catch some fresh air near the railings of the ship. Allegedly because of sleepiness, it was possible that the mother, identified as Joana Realizo of Tigbawan, Iloilo dropped the young kid into the sea by accident.

Passengers were startled by the shout of the mother who then jumped into the sea to save her young kid. One passenger who was later identified as Jonel Montes of Carles, Iloilo, saw the incident and also jumped from the ship to save the mother and her young kid.

At present the three victims are still missing while a search and recovery operation by the Coast Guard is ongoing.

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