Sunday, May 13, 2012

Despite China-Philippines Standoff International Flights From Shanghai to KIA Continue

Despite the ongoing tension between China and the Philippines regarding Scarborough Shoal, international flights from Shanghai,China to Kalibo International Airpot (KIA) remain normal.

This was clarified by the KIA Administrator Percy Malonesio in an interview conducted Friday morning.

While there were allegedly some airports which received notification that flights from Shanghai China were cancelled, according to Malonesio he had not received communication of cancellation of flights from China. Pointing out that as an administrator, if there were changes of date or time of arrivals especially on international flights, he would be informed.

Malonesia further said that KIA had no documents so far which showed that flights were affected specially for tourists going to Boracay.

Even direct flights from Taipei, Taiwan according to Malonesia were not cancelled.

Direct flights from Taiwan and China were almost daily, Malonesia added, and at the meantime arrivals would continue until an advisory was given by the corresponding airline company.

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