Monday, July 9, 2012

50 Peso Fee for Diver Per Dive Site Proposed

A fee of fifty pesos from every diver in every dive site in Boracay is planned in the following days or months based on the proposed amendment on the Malay Municipal Ordinance #119 series of 1998 of the Town Council of Malay.

This was highly opposed by the Boracay Association of Scuba Diving Schools (BASS) through a Position Paper it sent to the Council on the 27th of June.

There are 32 dive sites in the island. In its Position Paper, the BASS consisting of 37 members gave its reasons for its opposition. For BASS this is not fair and not justified.

In an interview on Friday, Cirilo Tirol, the President of BASS said all diving schools in Boracay disagree to the proposal.  Allegedly, the amount to be collected is not supposed to be since divers do not earn that much in every dive site.

Tirol also wondered why it is still necessary to collect fifty pesos from divers or tourists since BASS is also active in working with the LGU in taking care of the natural resource of Boracay.

The activities cited by Tirol were the off-shore clean up, discovering other dive sites, assisting in laying of buoys in the island, participation in Rescue and Relief Operations and other activities of the LGU from the time BASS was founded in 1996.

Also cited was the placement of the ship CAMIA and an airplane in the sea bed of Boracay as an additional attraction or diving site.

Tirol added that the collection of environmental fee from tourists should be sufficient if the proposed fifty peso charge is meant for the environment.

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