Monday, July 9, 2012

Task Force Moratorium in Boracay still on Level 2

Since the Task Force Moratorium for building construction in Boracay started in April, its implementation is still on level 2 if it will be based on a Stage 10 scale.

This means that there are loads of things that need to be done on the implementation and this would require a certain amount of time said Malay Municipal Planning Officer, Alma Belijerdo.

According to Belijerdo they have recently been receiving reports from the 3 barangays in Boracay regarding the monitoring of construction of establishments – both residential and commercial- in the island.

While they are still on the process of improving the knowledge of the task force members in the implementation of the said moratorium in, they are giving actions to any reports in order to control the construction of establishments.

Belijerdo admitted that the Task Force is already effective to newly or to be constructed establishments as they have been monitoring this and relaying it to the LGU who in return readily addressed the issue.

The Municipal Planning Officer however said that this is a challenge for the LGU on how to correct the things that has been even before the Task Force Moratorium was implemented.

Nonetheless if the LGU’s target for the moratorium would not be achieved, the Mayor himself has said that though it was intended to only extend up to June of next year, they may further extend it for them to attain the desired change for Boracay.

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