Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boracay - even more popular

It is such a good implication for Boracay to be recognized as number one and to hold the title of '2012 World's Best Island.'

As a result, there will be a boost in the tourism industry as Boracay became even more popular and attracts more tourists, said Malay Administrator Godofredo Sadiasa.

Sadiasa said the Mayor's office is pleased of the result of this survey by a certain travel magazine as they were not really aspiring for the number one spot which used to be just number four.

He said they are delighted of the fact that it was the people who had decided to acknowledge Boracay as 2012 World's Best Island.

As a preparation and in order to maintain the title, what has been done and what has been started, according to the Malay administrator, should be continued.

This recognition for Boracay is said to be the result of collaboration of the local government and the stakeholders on the island.

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