Monday, August 13, 2012

Three deaths due to drowning in Boracay denied by Philippine Coastguard

The Philippine Coastguard has denied the issue regarding three deaths due to drowning in Boracay this past week.

According to PO1 Bobby Elbano of Coast Guard Boracay, they don’t even know where the information came from while they are the ones with the data of like incidents in the Island.

Recently, news about three victims who drowned and died in Boracay had come out in the national media, the reason why Coastguard Boracay had to dig into their records to explain this matter to the District Command.

Elbano stated that there are indeed incidents of drowning in the Island but these had occurred on three separate dates.

One of which had happened last July 29 where an 18 year old female from Iloilo drowned and died.

With the other cases, they only received a confirmation from the hospitals, where in one of its victim is a Korean national.

Elbano also said that if there are like-incidents in Boracay and no one has given them information, it is still their responsibility to investigate and have it confirmed.


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The Coast Guard is unaware... Geez. That pretty much sums it up.