Monday, November 26, 2012

Chipped tiles at KIA explained by Engr. Malonesio

Chipped and broken tiles on the floors of Kalibo International Airport or KIA’s passenger Terminal are caused by the rushing publics.

This is what KIA Manager Engr. Percy Malonesio has clarified regarding the building’s situation particularly of the passenger terminal’s “eye sore” floors.

In an interview with Malonesio, he explained that this is the case since the renovation of the terminal is yet to be completed.

But with the influx of tourists and increasing number of flights, the said terminal was hurriedly built for immediate use.

Despite the building’s incomplete state and due to “public demand” the site was opened, he said.

At this time however, the manager added, that the Department of Transportation and Communication or DOTC who is responsible for the project is currently working on it.

This has not been turned over to KIA yet since it needs to be completed.

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