Thursday, November 29, 2012


It is possible that the national law will be implemented instead if violation of the ordinance prohibiting smoking at the beach of Boracay continues.

This possibility is being taken into consideration since according to Island Administrator, Glenn Sacapaño, many are still caught violating the ordinance.

Allegedly, it seemed that others do not consider which place to smoke at since even inside tricycles and other public places, there are still those who smoke.

However, the Island Administrator stated that they are at watch at the beach and the ordinance is strictly being implemented.

He added that, it is not only the tourists who are caught smoking but even locals and residents of Boracay, and are even caught littering cigarette butts.

Sacapaño also clarified that individuals carrying cigarette are not being caught, rather those with a lighted cigarette and smoking at the beach line.

Furthermore, cigarette smokers at the vegetation area are not being caught unless their cigarette butts are thrown just anywhere.

In conclusion, if many will still defy the ordinance, even smoking at the vegetation area will be prohibited, and the national law will be implemented which will then prohibit smoking at all public places.

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