Friday, November 30, 2012

Garbage Fee and Business tax, reasons for the LGU’s increased collection

“Garbage Fee and Business tax”

These two are the primary contributors to the collection of the Local Government of Malay, and is the reason why the annual fund for 2013 reached up to 305 million pesos, from more than 280 million fund of the current year.

This is what Malay Municipal Treasurer Didiosa Dioso has revealed during an interview.

According to Dioso the payment from the stakeholders and residents in Boracay for Garbage Fees and Business taxes are the leading contributing factors to the increasing collection of the LGU.

The Treasurer also acknowledged that the strict implementation of ordinances in Boracay has greatly helped, since a huge number of sums have been added to the municipal fund from the fines and penalties.

On the other hand, Dioso explained that 75% of the Environmental Fee collected from Caticlan and Cagban jetty ports goes to the Solid Waste Management’s expenses, while the remaining 25% goes to the programs of the Municipal Tourism and Environment.

If recalled, the Aklan Provincial Government and LGU-Malay shared with the environmental fee collections where 15% goes to the province while 85% goes to Malay.

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