Thursday, February 28, 2013

BLTMPC’s petition for the cancellation of “Color Coding” of tricycles in Boracay, OK for the DOT

The Department of Tourism Okays the Boracay Land Transport Multi-purpose Cooperative or BLTMPC’s petition.

That is the cancellation of the color coding scheme of the tricycles in Boracay.

In fact, according to DOT Officer-in-Charge, Tim Ticar they are supportive of this idea as they are also considering the tricycle drivers to be one of the front liners in tourism.

But he bluntly said that, still there should be a keen study if there is really a shortage of tricycle units in the island.

This is because Ticar believes the number of units is enough. However some of them are on “stand-by” on tricycle lines waiting for tourists to hire them or have them for a rental.

This system, he said, greatly affects the local passengers as they appear to be left for granted.

Nonetheless, he added that if the cancellation of color coding will bring a good result, the DOT will support this.

In line with this Ticar advised the BLTMPC to implement what must be, in order for them to deliver the right services especially to the tourists.

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