Saturday, March 2, 2013

Penalty for late Business Permit renewals starts Monday

March 1st was the deadline for Business Permit renewals in Malay and Boracay.

This is after the second extension that the Municipal Council of Malay has granted.

For this reason, come Monday, 4th of March 2013, a penalty will be imposed to those who haven’t had their dues assessed by the Licensing Office yet.

This is according to Licensing Officer Jean Salsona who noted that they only have furnished about 1,800 new business permits compared to last year’s 4000.

This simply shows that a large number remains on the process of completing their requirements.

Based on the Licensing Officer’s knowledge, many of them have already been assessed, yet still have to submit some documents that the local government has required of them.

Salsona added that of the 4,000 business permits they have released in 2012, 287 were for the resorts in Boracay.

The remaining three thousand plus is composed of public transportations such as tricycles, motorboats and the likes, as well as the other establishments in the island like restaurants, variety stores, spas and others.

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