Monday, February 25, 2013

DOT pleased with Boracay’s welcome to MS Columbus 2

The Department of Tourism (DOT) was pleased of how Boracay welcomed the visit of MS Columbus 2 yesterday.

In an interview with DOT-Officer-in-Charge, Tim Ticar, he said that Boracay has a good reception for such a visit by the cruise line.

Aside from the preparations that the island did, it seemed he said that Boracay is already accustomed in handling the activity.

For instance Ticar observed the warm welcome and interactions of the different agencies assigned at the port.

Even the operation of the tender boats went smoothly.

Ticar also noted how the passengers of the cruise ship will in turn become the “promoters” or will “market” the island in their own countries.

Adding that these travelers particularly the Europeans will pass and tell how beautiful the Philippines is, how hospitable its people are, and how white Boracay sands are.

Meanwhile, aside from extending its gratitude to those who took part on the arrival of the ship, the DOT through Ticar also confirmed the arrival of another cruise liner which is MS Europa.

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