Saturday, August 10, 2013

TIEZA Contractor, called up by the Boracay Environmental Task Force

Written by: Alan Palma

Malay Municipal Engineer Elizer Casidsid called up to meet TIEZA’s contractor, ITP, to explain regarding their de-clogging operation.

This followed after Casidsid’s on hand documents reflected that the de-clogging at an area in station 1 was already completed.

However, when excavated, the drainage was full of sands and dirty water.

On the other hand, according to ITP representative David Capispisan, the removal of blockages from the drainage has been completed in the past months.

He added that they have complete evidence, such as pictures, to prove that their job at the area was carried out.

David said that if there ever were dirt and obstructions in the drainage, these might be new sediments brought about by rain.

Nonetheless, Casidisid still asked for the documents to back-up David’s explanation.

Meanwhile, Municipal Planning and Development Officer Alma Belejerdo also requested the ITP to promptly finish their job as not to perturb the operation of the Boracay Environmental Task Force.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

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