Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MAP’s service for Boracay gets better

Written by Christy Dela Torre

Despite some complaints on Malay Auxiliary Police or MAP’s services in Boracay, MAP Consultant and Adviser Mr. Pocholo Murillo is now proud of them.

This is because, Murillo said, the MAP members’ demographic profile has now leveled up, noting that 80% of them are college level and even graduates.

According to Murillo, this is big factor in rendering more effective services; he added that the MAP members are now more energetic.

They are also undergoing rigid trainings and are studying the ordinances implemented on the island, such as land, sea, and traffic regulations.

The MAP Consultant is also confident in saying that there is “order” in the group, calling them the “Faces of the Government.”

In line with this, Murillo requests, that if incase confronted by MAP, the public he said may understand and wont’ hold any grudges as they are only performing what their duty requires of them, and is for the betterment of all.

Meanwhile, Mr. Murillo mentioned that they have passed 3 to 4 amendment proposals to the Municipal Council for a more orderly and effective implementation of ordinances and to align it with the situation on the island.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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