Friday, June 6, 2014

MHO reminds the increasing cases of teenage pregnancy in Boracay

Posted June 5, 2014
Written by Alan Palma Sr.

Malay Municipal Health Office (MHO) is now busy providing definite information on pregnancy which is a part of their campaign for Safe Motherhood and Responsible Parenthood.

This is because Boracay is being noted of having a large number of teenage pregnancy cases during the past year.

The office statistics data show that teenage women aged 15-19 years old reached 0ver 211 pregnancy cases, 100 are from Brgy. Manoc-manoc, beyond 70 cases in Brgy. Balabag as well as 30 cases from Brgy. Yapak.

The data also revealed a continuing rise in the number of pregnancies and births outside marriage.

According to Health and Educational Promotion Officer Arbie Aspiras, some of the reasons for teenage pregnancy are not having of parental guidance and state of life.

"Evidence and lessons from local areas shows us young people need comprehensive sex and relationship education in and out of school and targeted support for those most at risk", He added.

MHO also encouraged the young pregnant women to visit the Health Center in order for them to provide the proper guidance since that pregnancy is a serious matter.

While some are shy, Aspiras said that “we should consider the life of the unborn and the health of the mother”.

The Safe Motherhood and Responsible Parenthood is one of the advocacies of the Department of Health (DOH) which was included in the provision of controversial RH Law and upheld by Supreme Court on April 8, 2014.

Translated by Gloria Villas

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