Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sea cow found dead in Station 3 Boracay

Posted August 5, 2014
Written by Bert Dalida

A remains of a dugong or sea cow that was believed being struck was found dead near the shore of Station 3 Boracay earlier this morning.

This was confirmed by Nilo Subong of Protected Areas Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management related to a mistaking dolphin that was seen by a boat man who does parasailing in the area.

According to Subong, only half of the body of sea cow found in the sea by the said boatman estimated at 30-50 kg weight.

The report quoted as saying that there was an almost straight division in the body of the animal and possibly struck and left the head part.

Subong believed that the baby sea cow parted from the mother and saw by human and struck.

It said local barangay officials no longer had the animal studied but had it buried immediately because of the stench where it was properly turned over to the personnel of DENR Boracay for proper disposition.

Translated by Gloria Villas

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