Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BLTMPC’s E-trikes, cheaper than those which came in first

Boracay Land Transportation Multi-purpose Cooperative o BLTMPC had bought e-trikes from a supplier with a cost which is 50% cheaper than those first e-trikes that the local government of Malay had permitted.

According to Ryan Tubi, BLTMPC’s General Manager, this will lead to the transition of the traditional tricycles in exchange to vehicles that do not emit smoke to protect the environment of the island.

They had searched for a supplier that will provide the units for Boracay, as the SB had told that the cooperative could look for a supplier which would require a lesser cost.

He also revealed that the reason for them to opt for another supplier and not at the same one where the first e-trikes were bought is because it costs almost 50% more.

Meanwhile as a reaction to what SB Member Welbic Gelito and Dante Pagsugiron explained to why the green e-trikes charges for its service, Mr. Tubi said they were not suppose to do that (charging) because the quality of the e-trikes is the subject of the test-drive and not how much profit can the unit accumulate.

That is why, according to him, BLTMPC’s 3 units’ service is free of charge as they are doing the test drive if these e-trikes could sustain the roads in Boracay.

It was previously stated by the two mentioned councilors that the council permits the green e-trikes, which is managed by Pagsugiron, to charge their service in order to see if these units could gain income or could take back their expenses on its everyday operation.

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