Friday, June 22, 2012

DOST Aklan targets distribution of OL traps to schools

The Department of Health DOH and the Department of Science and Technology DOST in Aklan aim to provide the schools with Ovicidal-Larvicidal Traps or OL Traps kit.

This is to stop the spread of mosquitoes which is the carrier of dengue.

According to DOST-Aklan Chief, Jairus Lachica they are expected to return to Boracay to distribute the said OL Traps.

This time however, their targets are no longer the households of the three Barangays in the island, but the schools here.

He also stated that the DOH decides which area should be accommodated first.

This is because it is the DOH which covers certain areas in Aklan in which there are cases and or recorded victims of dengue.

Meanwhile, since these kits will be dispensed to the whole province of Aklan, Lachica believes that the province has enough supplies for the Aklanons.

He also added that these OL Traps are for free and cannot be bought from drug stores in the region.

The OL Trap is a kit which is placed in areas that are potential breeding place for mosquitoes, which will lay their eggs in the trap instead, in order for them to be immediately eradicated.

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