Friday, June 22, 2012

The Town Council of Malay Gets Ready for the Planned Environmental Fee Collection From Tourists by the Town Council of Kalibo

The Town Council of Malay is getting ready in connection to the plan of the Town Council of Kalibo.

The Town Council of Kalibo is planning to pass an ordinance to also charge tourists passing by Kalibo with Environmental Fee.

While it is the Town Council of Kalibo which is making the plan, it is foreseen by the Malay’s Town Council that its existing ordinance might be compared with the planned ordinance and that Malay’s Town Council will be questioned regarding the matter. With this, the Town Council of Malay believes it is necessary to be ready for such possibility.

For the Town Council of Malay, the collection of environmental in Boracay is justified since tourists stay in Boracay for days while tourists only pass by Kalibo.

The Town Council of Malay added that if Environmental Fee will be collected by Kalibo, there would be too many fees to be collected from tourists: from the Terminal Fee at the airport, there are also Environmental Fee at the Cagban and Caticlan Jetty Ports.

Malay’s Town Council expressed hope that the Provincial Council of Aklan would weigh things completely before making a decision on the planned ordinance.

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