Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Two Days of the Color Coding Scheme Successful-BLTMPC

The first and second days of the Color Coding Scheme on tricycles, was successful according to the Boracay Land Transportation Multi-purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC).  

The scheme was implemented on Friday and Saturday in the resort Island of Boracay.

However, according to the BLTMPC a different color was seen plying the streets of the island aside from the scheduled blue or yellow colors.

The other color being referred to is the green colored e-trikes according to the General Manager of BLTMPC, Ryan Tubi.  

Tubi added that if there is a tricycle roaming on the streets which is not scheduled, the agreement is that a signboard saying “for personal or family use” should be put up. This is to avoid transgressing the Color Coding Scheme.

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