Monday, November 19, 2012

BTAC, appeared like a motorcycle shop

The office of Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC) looked like a motorcycle store.
This is because, last night, many have been apprehended for violating the ordinance and traffic laws being implemented.

But it seems that this doesn't bother some of the motorists at all, because in the past week many has also been impounded, however their operation still continues despite the knowledge of their discrepancies.

In last night’s record, November 18, there are 18 motorcycles in the custody of the Boracay Police, while there are about 9 drivers’ license at hand.

The seizure was conducted through “Check Points” which was led by Police Inspector Kennan Ruiz.

The Drivers’ Licenses will be turned over to the Land Transportation Office or LTO, while the vehicles will be temporarily at BTAC’s custody.

The seized units without Permit to Transport (PTO) will be shipped, together with those which were formerly apprehended, to mainland Malay.

Aiming that only the registered motorcycle units will be left in the island, a moratorium or the Office of the Mayor has issued an Executive Order to stop the issuance of PTO.

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