Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fake goods and Intellectual property rights in Boracay Island

By: Ver Esclamado 

Issues on consumer protection and intellectual property rights are cited concerning the proliferation of counterfeit apparels and accessories on the island.

It is anticipated that with the onslaught of holiday season, more counterfeit goods may be brought in.

From vendors to clothing and accessories stores, cheap goods notably the sunglasses were observed being sold rampant and can be bought at the price of P100 which some buyers can haggle for a much lower price.

Business could be brisk however the major trade off seen are the product quality and the possible infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR) which is reserved to the respective brand owners.

Fake sunglasses sold were observed not to last for a month as the quality of plastic used to manufacture were less durable and the metal parts are highly corrosive.  The low quality likely does not reflect the brand that these counterfeit goods carry or try to project.

As Boracay Island is quickly becoming a world-class destination, concerns on product quality and the IPR may cast negative picture on the island’s status.  Being a global player, Boracay Island is expected to carry out fair trade practices and present itself not as a dumping site for cheap imitation goods.

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