Wednesday, November 21, 2012

LGU-Malay’s 2013 budget spiked up to 305 million pesos

LGU-Malay’s Annual Budget for 2013 is 25 million peso higher compared to that of 2012.

For this year, 2012, Malay has 280 million peso budget that funded the town’s projects, programs and other expenditures, including the island of Boracay.

In the coming 2013 the government will be having 305 million pesos to work the municipality out.

For this reason, the Municipal Council of Malay had today, conducted a Budget Hearing for planning and allocation of the mentioned fund.

The SB had called upon LGU-Malay’s department heads for the hearing to decide how much fund each department will need, which will then serve as their budget for the whole year.

It is under the SB Malay’s mandate to review the funds and allocations before it will be approved by the Chief Executive.

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